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  • Why is the name of your farm, Cog Hill?"
    We're the Smith family, so why is our farm named Cog Hill? Well, Cog Hill Road is where we lived when we started our farm, and the rest is history!
  • Do you homeschool?
    Yes, we made the decision to homeschool a few years ago and it's been a great experience for Marycarl and our family.
  • What happened to Jason’s left eye?
    Jason has a very rare condition where he was born without 2 eyelid muscles.
  • Why doesn't Nugget have a female mate?
    Nugget is a very gentle and loving Emu. Adding a mate could alter his personality and female Emu's are known to be more aggressive.
  • Why do we not see the other farm cat Pink?
    Pink is pretty much nocturnal. She prefers to sleep in the old barn where she stays most of the time. We see her often, but she doesn't make many video appearances for this reason.
  • How does your farm make money?
    Our Farm earns an income thanks to viewers like you who watch our Episodes and interact with our content on YouTube, Facebook and our Partners.
  • Do you offer farm tours?
    We do not offer tours or accept visitors to the farm. This is for liability reasons. We care about your safety and the safety of our farm. We appreciate your interest in visiting our farm and invite you to continue following our farm through our weekly episodes.
  • Why don't we see Brooke's Mom?
    She wishes for her life to remain private, though she loves life on Cog Hill Farm just as much as we do.
  • How do I check the status of my Hat order?
    Coming Soon...
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